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American Insanity "The Genocide of Reality"

American Insanity
"The Genocide of Reality"
by Wayne Sharer
Book Description:

The man who wrote the book on mentoring and success, and devoted his life to leading with the truth, Wayne Sharer, exposes the insanity overtaking America through the deceptive politics of both parties, the lies and truths from the media about science, the Constitution, and the genocide from the Middle East. From the beginning of politics in America, deceptive truths have been common. Now, sophisticated operators in both parties use tactics once only found in regimes like the Nazis, the Soviet Union and Mao’s China to divide the nation and drive you and your children to misguided decisions that destroy the roots of American society. None of this will make you better off, while creating a political class you no longer have the power to remove. Our enemies seek to destroy us, literally get away with the genocide of Christians, Jews, Gays, and anyone not Muslim enough for their liking. The American “political class” have you turning a blind eye to this mass murder while quibbling over what will ultimately prove to be the destruction of America as a moral authority, and international leader. Political correctness, judicial equality, marriage equality, gender rights, global warming, racial issues real or fabricated have us turning a blind eye to global catastrophe. Delivering a false American history, presented without the truth, your decisions will be the death of you, me, and America as we know it. With a unique, nothing-held-back style of bringing you the truth from the historical and scientific sources, Wayne Sharer documents the real facts and history behind the issues being twisted to create the insanity of growing hate and divisiveness in our society. American Insanity, cuts through murk like you have never experienced. It’s time you can decide your beliefs and own your future with truth.

About Wayne Sharer:

Wayne Sharer is the bestselling author of the anthology, “The Art and Science of Success Volume 2” and the outstanding book on mentoring, “Protégé Profits.” He has lived a lifetime of mentorship with exceptional skills in creating radical improvements everywhere he goes. Wayne’s life is that of pure determination and self-motivation, yet very selfless. Through his own determination, despite being from an extremely lower middle-class upbringing, attended one of the best Universities in the country at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He earned a Reserve Officers Training Corp scholarship in 1976 and went on to graduate from Tulane with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. At graduation, he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy. Owing only 4 years of service, he stayed on for nearly 23 years, rising to the rank of Commander, and serving as a Commanding Officer of an E-2C Airborne Early Warning Hawkeye squadron. His squadron was one of the most successful of its time. In the Navy he flew nearly 3,000 hours in the Hawkeye, flew on over 200 combat missions spanning from 1981 to 2002. He served on 6 different aircraft carriers, ran the operations of over 5,000 people on board the USS Kitty Hawk, the first carrier to launch combat missions in response to terrorists’ attacks of September 11, 2001. He considers his greatest accomplishments having been able to mentor thousands of young people and help them define their visions, and go onto success in life. His business now trains entrepreneurs and provides revenue generating services to small businesses for getting them leads, and customers using the power of the internet. He and his business partner also work to help companies and organizations that train and develop skills of what some called the underprivileged. In reality, they have the same privileges as you and I, and they are now serious about also developing personally. Everything Wayne undertakes is about creating radical change in peoples’ lives and helping them realize their personal vision by establishing a truth for themselves. Wayne now lives in Washington, DC, working completely virtually and from home. He’s available for speaking and training events and can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by using the contact forms on his websites, including

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