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Crystal Resonance " High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond"

Crystal Resonance
" High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond"
by Kerry Nelson Selman
Book Description:

Be however you choose to be … and then be all that you choose to be and shine bright for others! Join Kerry Nelson Selman as she shows how to use gifts from the Earth to enhance connection to our innate Divinity, Archangels, and Higher Self, and fearlessly embrace a life well lived. A synergy and life-enhancing resonance occurs when we combine specific crystals, essences, essential oils, and practices to reconnect with all that we are. If you are looking to embrace change and enjoy a life of high vibrational well-being, the gifts and wonder in Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond await you.

About Kerry Nelson Selman:

Kerry Nelson Selman is an accredited practitioner of naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki Master/Teacher, and the passionate creator and Teacher Practitioner of Vibrational Oneness practice. She has been called an energy alchemist and practices from her clinic, Wellness by the Sea, on the rugged far south coast of eastern Australia. Kerry is passionate about facilitating wellness and well-being in all who come to her … whether as a writer, teacher, or practitioner. She brings together all of her knowledge and passions in her writing. She knows how it feels to dare to choose a different path, and freely admits to having often chosen ‘the scenic route’. Kerry is aware of the strength that comes from a life rich in experience. Indeed, she is grateful for all of it, and appreciates the love, compassion and laughter that now flow easily through her and from her. In Crystal Resonance Kerry shares many of life’s ‘moments’ as she inspires us to embrace self-responsibility and choose a life well lived supported by the vibrational resonance of specifically combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond.

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