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Doula in a Day "Partner Support for the Woman You Love During Childbirth"

Doula in a Day
"Partner Support for the Woman You Love During Childbirth"
by Tara K Howe
Book Description:

Learn what it takes to REALLY BE THERE for a woman during childbirth. In this handbook, you are guided through: • The Number 1 Skill that makes you an invaluable birth partner. • What to expect from the labor process. • How the hospital model of birth works and where it doesn’t. • Techniques for pain relief and support during labor. • The importance of postpartum care. • Your own self preparation. • A woman’s intuitive process. The most important factor to understand to be the most incredible birth partner is that the woman giving birth is wise and intuitive beyond belief when she is supported, safe and can create her own version of a sanctuary — a place of absolute peace and wellbeing. You will learn the reasons why this is important, the ways we sometimes fail to provide this environment for women, and how to be present and available for the individual needs of your partner. Childbirth can be absolutely transformative for everyone involved when you know how to honor and support the process.

About Tara K Howe:

Tara K Howe has worked has a Holistic Health Practitioner for 15 years with an emphasis on childbirth and women's health. She is the founder and former director of the Uma Center, dedicated to serving women and families during and around the time of childbirth and the former Integrative Health Coordinator for Gritman Medical Center.

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