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Energy Of Love by Susan J. Witt "A "How To" Program to Self-Empowerment and Self-Love"

Energy Of Love by Susan J. Witt
"A "How To" Program to Self-Empowerment and Self-Love"
by Susan J Witt
Book Description:

Energy of Love is an updated, new age book that is an actual "How To" program to loving yourself. Self-love is the absolute key to happiness and giving love! This is not egotistical love but a love that gives self-empowerment. The dynamics of this book are unique because it shows you how science is profoundly linked to spirituality and self-love. Energy of Love will explicitly show you how science research now supports that we indeed have a creator source of pure love and that love is the energy that heals at the cellular level. After you are armed with significant proof to support the energy of love, then you are guided to an easy to understand and follow "how to" program that take you directly to your authentic self that is love. Written in plain English and easy to understand, each chapter is very powerful and can be life changing. The spiritual context in Energy of Love is one that can be integrated into any religious belief. Energy of Love also includes a very profound chapter that introduces a new way to forgive and release emotions that have been held for years!

About Susan J Witt:

Susan is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guru, and Lightworker. She has studied quantum mechanics, Law of Attraction and self-help concepts for the past seven years. Susan is a member of The Wellness Universe, and Thought Catalog. Susan is a regular contributor for talk radio shows and has a large social media following. Website is

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