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Evolving Women’s Consciousness "Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women"

Evolving Women’s Consciousness
"Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women"
by Dr. Carol Francis
Book Description:

Awakening Women's Consciousness Evolving Women's Positions by Dr. Carol Francis Around this complex globe, women dynamically run businesses and countries. Women fulfill the daily demands of children, spouses, parents, and bosses. Women attempt to maintain their charm and attractiveness while cleaning their homes, laundry, and children's bottoms. In the 21st century, around the globe, women are still berated, raped, sold, exploited, oppressed, intimidated, ignored, or subordinated but are expected to be gracious, courageous, encouraging, supportive, kind, generous, hardworking, long-suffering and patient. Women hold the spiritual consciousness through prayer, art, beauty, religious institutional support, as well as women's donation of time, resources and energy. Yet, within the religious institutions of the world, women have been told to subordinate their spirit to male religious leaders or unspiritual or inhumane husbands. For millenniums, women have suffered the outrageous cruelties of war losing their children, virginity, husbands, homes, and limbs. Yet women rarely initiate those wars, political conflicts or competitive attacks. Women are equally affected by the laws of male-dominated legislative governmental bodies in almost every country. Even in the United States, women had only partial voting rights granted to them by one legislative swing-vote less than 100 years ago. Elsewhere, in some countries, women's lives are threatened if they dare walk to voting poles. Women comprise more than half the income workforce around the world, and yet even now women earn less than half the money. Women are still not paid for the most important job on the planet, bearing and raising children. Women have progressed significantly within the last 50 years within their political, social, financial and familial status. Women of the early 1900's hardly would recognize the women of these early 2000's. Yet, we have much to evolve as women still. Our self-esteem, sexuality, and romantic relationships need to progress. Our roles as mothers, savvy as business women, power within spiritual domains, influence in political arenas, and impact on social structures need to expand and strengthen even further. Women will evolve women. Women will further free women. Women will empower women. Women can effect world peace and healthy economies. Or, women will teach other women to remain subordinate in their relationships with men. Women might teach women to be inferior within working arenas. Women could remain frightened and intimidated by political threats or masculine forces. In the United States, women in their 20's during this second decade of the 21st Century, have reaped the benefit of women-political-warriors. These feisty battles, fought by women during the women's liberation era of 1970's forward, changed the profile of women, the workforce and male-female dynamics. As a consequence many women (no longer a small minority of women) expect mostly to earn their own money, run their own businesses, and choose and run their own family structure. We have progressed significantly. Yet, the era of the Superwoman has also created highly stressed, anxious, burned-out, uptight women who have more demands on their time, body and emotional well-being as a consequence of adding these new roles. Moreover, we still must prove ourselves in every arena, except motherhood, that we are as good as male counterparts. Women, young and old, still live within the blurred delusion of needing to overcome some sort of iconic shadow of implied inferiority. We have progressed but we must continue to evolve. We must evolve our men, our children, our political structures, and our businesses in order to make lasting progress. In the book you now hold, Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues for 21st Century Women, women teach women; women awaken women. These authors are from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, racial perspectives, spiritual viewpoints, education, careers, ages, and typical female roles. Each woman presents her experiences, struggles and triumphs. Each woman offers her tools for survival and success. Each woman pleads for every woman to evolve her circumstance to the next plane of empowerment. You, the reader, are not encouraged to agree with each women's points-of-view. Instead you are encouraged to wrestle and dialogue with what each women shares. You are encouraged to author your own experiences, struggles and triumphs. You are encouraged to evolve to your next best feminine self. You are encouraged not to yoke yourself to these women's positions. Rather be inspired to embrace the ideas that move you forward and create even more effective tools. Embrace those perspectives that evolve your ability to live being fully you. Then, please help other women be fully themselves as well. Women teach women. Women will evolve women. Women will further free women. Women will empower women. Women can change this planet. Each woman will uniquely evolve. So, as you contemplate these messages from thoughtful analytic women, prepare to evolve yourself even farther and contribute to the world's developing consciousness, peace and synthesis as well. Let's extend gratefulness to each author, whether we agree with her perspectives or not, as she attempts to awaken our consciousness to becoming even more evolved. Once you have read their perspectives, contribute your stories too through: Facebook at DoctorCarolFrancisShow Twitter at Dr Carol Francis We want to know your stories, your encouragement, your tools for success and your plans to evolve yourself and your world. Now forge forth toward the next Goddess Revolution while you consider your personal dialogue with each author's exploration of the issues facing women who wish to evolve consciously. Dr. Carol Francis

About Dr. Carol Francis:

Dr. Carol Francis Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist Clinical Hypnotherapist About Dr. Carol Francis Dr. Carol Francis is a Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, and Marriage, Family & Child Counselor, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master-Level, and prolific author. For 38 years, Dr. Francis has assisted individuals, couples, businesses, and children who seek to optimise their current situation and overcome complications of daily living such as depression, anxiety, stress, career moves, family discord, child and parenting issues, relationship dissatisfaction, habit control, psychology of financial success, and company optimization of human resources.. Practicing and licensed in Southern California, Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at or 310-543-1824. Since 1971, Dr. Carol Francis has trained, taught, published, counseled and spoken on multiple and diverse spiritually related fields. She serves as Shaman, Reiki Master, Astral Projection Teacher, Akashic Records Explorer, MerKaBa practitioner, or intuitive counselor. Spiritual awakening or ascension within many of the religious traditions, mystical perspectives, esoteric practices or metaphysical fields provides Dr. Carol Francis the necessary appreciation for interdisciplinary wisdom and their tools for this life and beyond. Integrating physical health, science, research, practice of psychotherapy and practice of mind-body tools informs Dr. Carol Francis mult-discipline or inter-disciplinary approach to helping individuals, groups, and couples progress on many levels simultaneously. Accordingly, Dr. Carol Francis also is certified as fitness trainer and nutrition counselor in support of viewing human nature and change holistically. The gift of our bodies is also the gift to our spirit and mind as well, and vice versa. Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show since 2008 explores traditional, out-of-the-box, scientific, and humane topics in support of advance human respect and enthusiastic verve for life. Link is: Make Life Happen Publishing, a subsidiary of Dr. Carol Francis, Inc. supports publishing the messages and inspiring biographical work of individuals who have overcome hardship and tackled life with dynamic intensity. Topics published include Women's Evolution, Spiritual Pursuits, Mind-Body Advances in Human Evolution, Optimization of Coupling and Parenting, Learning Disabilities, Relief from Ill-Conceived Habits, Traumas, Soldier and Family Recovery and much more. Websites Media Sites of Dr. Carol Francis Carol Francis Carol Francis Radio Programs Podcasted at Radio Program Podcasted at BlogTalkRadio.Com/spiritual-readings Social Media Facebook: Carol Francis, Dr. Carol Francis, Dr. Carol Francis Show and groups for radio show and spiritual pursuits Twitter: Dr. Carol Francis & Spiritual Journey Tools Linkedin: Dr. Carol Francis Publications by Dr. Carol Francis Francis, Carol A. (1979). Study Skills for Successful High School and College Students. Manhattan Beach: Child Focus Co. Francis, Carol A. (1983). Helping Children with Divorce. Manhattan Beach: Child Focus Co. Francis, Carol A. (1985). Schizoid Anxiety. La Mirada: Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Francis, Carol A. (1985). Helping Children with Natural and Manmade Disasters. Manhattan Beach: Child Focus Co. Francis, Carol A. (2008). KISS Method for Stop Smoking. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing Francis, Carol A. (2009). If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing Francis, Carol A. (2010). Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing Francis, Carol A. (2011). Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogue with 21st Century Women. Anthology of 20 Modern Women's Perspective on Phase of Life. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing. Francis, Carol. A. (2012). Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Gurus: Your Choice. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing. Francis, Carol A. & O'Maley, Mary (2014). Your Soaring Phoenix. Rancho Palos Verdes: Make Life Happen Publishing. Dr. Francis has contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines, chapters in professional psychology anthologies, and blogs on family issues, personal development, and problem-solving concerns. Media Productions of Dr. Carol Francis Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio has been active since 2008 with hundreds of thousands of listeners across the internet planet. Archived programs are available at and Dr. Carol Francis has interviewed internationally on KABC Associated Radio Programs as well. Her Spiritual Readings Radio Show is archived at For even more helpful information, Dr. Carol Francis Videos, Lectures, Dr. Carol Francis Television Shows and Presentations are archived at is Carol Francis or Carol Francis

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