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Find A Coach Find A Counsellor "What I Need to Know"

Find A Coach Find A Counsellor
"What I Need to Know"
by Veronica Hislop
Book Description:

A clear concise book that is helpful to those seeking guidance and help when the are not quite sure as to the type of help they need. This book helps clients to get clear about what they need, so that they don't waste their valuable time in order for them to know who, how, where they can go to get help. Find A Coach Find A Counsellor provides clients with everything they need to know.

About Veronica Hislop:

Veronica’s many years of professional counselling and consulting has given her a deep and varied understanding of the therapeutic helping modalities that can be utilized to assist individuals, families and organizations. As a counselor, public speaker, facilitator, organizational consultant, , and now coach, she has provided counselling and coaching interventions workshops, seminars, lunch and learns, speeches; specializing in the areas of motivation, personal growth, stress management and overall health and wellness.

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