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I AM….Success "A Roadmap for Defining and Fulfilling a Life Vision of Holistic Success"

I AM….Success
"A Roadmap for Defining and Fulfilling a Life Vision of Holistic Success"
by Anthony Parnell, M.S.W.
Book Description:

"I AM...Success" is a book that challenges the reader to pursue a holistic vision of success that is not one-dimensional. Instead, a holistic definition of success is presented that encompasses "7 Core Areas of Life Balance" (financially, spiritually, physically, and so on). The reader is then encouraged to outline clear goals in each of the “Seven Core Areas” of Life Balance your life as well as to write out clear action steps for pursuing each of their personal and professional goals.

About Anthony Parnell, M.S.W.:

Anthony Parnell, M.S.W. is a Life Coach, Business Coach, and Published Author of several books. He also hosts the Podcast “The Anthony Parnell Show” where he interviews a wide range of guests including authors, health and wellness experts, entrepreneurs, and executives to discuss topics related to achieving your personal and professional goals while attaining a holistic vision of success. A graduate of Clark Atlanta University’s Graduate School of Social Work, his philosophies on “Holistic Success” and “Living Life in the Affirmative” have been shaped by more than two decades of experience in the mental health and social services field as a therapist, social worker, and executive manager of various non-profit organizations. Additionally, for more than a decade, as a Life Coach, Business Coach and Advisor, he has worked directly with Entrepreneurs and C.E.O.’s from a broad range of industries to help them develop and implement strategies for increasing revenue, profitability, and efficiency. This includes developing business plans, investor proposals and guiding companies through successful business start-up and expansion.

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