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Protege Profits "How to Create a Legacy of Success Through Mentoring"

Protege Profits
"How to Create a Legacy of Success Through Mentoring"
by Wayne Sharer
Book Description:

Discover Wayne Sharer's powerful mentoring insights to dramatically increase your personal business profits and career desires and make your life easy. If there were another you to take care of everything you needed doing that you couldn't do, would your life be more stress-free, and have more free time? It's possible. In today's world, many excuses get in the way of experienced business owners, and executives for having too much to do and not enough resources to meet the demands of an information and services driven culture. Veteran coach, mentor, and business growth consultant Wayne Sharer shares his simple methods to create a world with another you. Sharer's premise is simple: you choose your protégé, you work and train him or her, and you unleash a new you who can expand your thoughts, your creativity, relieve stress, and literally give you back the time you thought you would never have. Discover how to: * Apply the Protégé Profits method to quickly start having fun and freeing up your time * Reassess your goals, and what you can achieve by creating another you * Begin building a profit-generating legacy that doesn't need you once you are ready to move on * Overcome feelings of confusion, anxiety and massive stress from never knowing who to trust, and who can think like you.

About Wayne Sharer:

Wayne Sharer is the bestselling author of the anthology, “The Art and Science of Success Volume 2.” He has lived a lifetime of mentoring and coaching with exceptional skills in creating radical improvements everywhere he goes. Wayne’s life is that of pure determination and self-motivation, yet very selfless. Through his own determination, despite being from an extremely low middle-class upbringing, attended one of the best Universities in the country at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He earned a Reserve Officer’s Training Corp scholarship in 1976 and went on to graduate from Tulane with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. At graduation, he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy. Owing only 4 years of service, he stayed on for 22 years, rising to the rank of Commander, and serving as a Commanding Officer of an E-2C Airborne Early Warning Hawkeye squadron. His squadron was one of the most successful of its time. In the Navy, he flew nearly 3,000 hours in the Hawkeye, flew on over 200 combat missions spanning from 1981 to 2002. He served on 6 different aircraft carriers, ran the operations of over 5,000 people on board the USS Kitty Hawk, the first carrier to launch combat missions in response to terrorists’ attacks of September 11, 2001. He considers his greatest accomplishments having been able to mentor thousands of young people and help them define their visions, and go onto success in life. After his fall from the Navy, he started over as an entrepreneur, mastering the art of generating leads and traffic using the internet. He then went back to his professional roots, and began training new entrepreneurs in these very skills and has created a “university” of the online lead generation called “Layered Traffic™” at his website . His business now trains entrepreneurs and provides services to small business for getting them leads, and customers using the power of the internet. He and his business partner also work to help companies and organizations that train and develop skills of what some called the underprivileged. Everything Wayne undertakes is about creating radical change in peoples’ lives and helping them realize their personal vision. Wayne now lives in Washington, DC, working completely virtually and from home

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