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Scout "A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward"

"A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward"
by Gerry Ellen
Book Description:

Imagine walking out your door and being greeted by a curious dog with a penchant for language. That same dog is also a keen observer of life, more than willing to help spread goodness and joy. He has high hopes that after your encounter with him, you'll perpetuate the same emotions for others. Meet Scout. Ever since his rescue and subsequent adoption, he's been spearheading his own campaign to keep life flowing and going in a loving manner. His simplistic ways of living will melt your heart. He's funny, charming, and downright his own dog. He just so happens to share his daily comings and goings with his human partner-in-wellness, and together they are changing the world~one paw and foot at a time.Scout narrates his story of challenges, of acceptance, of silliness, and of love. Most importantly, he's always on the cusp of another great adventure. Come see who he is and how he can transform your outlook on life. He humbly shows you how to pay forward your own random acts of kindness.

About Gerry Ellen:

Gerry Ellen is a storyteller, freelance writer, and author of two previous books ~ _Ripple Effects_ (published March 2012) and _A Big Piece of Driftwood_ (published April 2014). Her ongoing passion and creativity of the written word spans over two decades. With a lifelong background in health and wellness, she has been a contributing writer to online publications and magazines for the body and mind and soul. With Scout as her muse, Gerry Ellen is able to keep her imagination on fire and her heart wildly at the core of all her works. Through their adventures and purpose together, life continually takes on new meaning.

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