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Spiritual Guidance Trusting The Voice Within "A workbook to enhance your spiritual wisdom"

Spiritual Guidance Trusting The Voice Within
"A workbook to enhance your spiritual wisdom"
by Dr. Kimberly Friedman and Lisa Miliaresis
Book Description:

Spiritual Guidance Trusting The Voice Within is an interactive workbook that can awaken your hidden potential. Discover an energetic language that exists within you and tap into its ability to improve your life experiences. Dr. Kimberly K. Friedman and Lisa Miliaresis take you on a journey through simple exercises that will unlock awareness and abilities you didn’t even know you had. Enhancing your spiritual wisdom can allow you to: • Guide your thoughts to form positive life experiences • Communicate with loved ones who have crossed over • Identify angels or guides that are available to assist you in this lifetime • Release repeated patterns, blocked energy, or troubled emotions • Deeply understand your true identity as a loving and peaceful spiritual being • Tap into the potential of healing energy such as Reiki • Get more “giggles” and enjoyment out of life Many have learned to elevate their energy connect with their inner being and live a life with more joy and ease. Why not you?

About Dr. Kimberly Friedman and Lisa Miliaresis:

Lisa Miliaresis is a psychic medium, speaker, and author. Born with the ability to channel, she is an accomplished medium and has helped many clients find comfort and healing through individual and group readings. She has appeared in multiple radio broadcasts and newspaper articles. Dr. Kimberly K Friedman is a Certified Past Life Regression Counselor who assists clients in unlocking deep memories, releasing repeated patterns, and discovering spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. Within the various roles she fulfills in her life, she has made multiple television appearances on such programs as The Rachael Ray Show, Fox’s Good Day, Cn8’s Your Morning, and Comcast Newsmakers. Both Lisa and Kim have been able to create a balance between corporate America and Spiritual Service, while keeping family as a priority. (

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