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Your Soaring Phoenix "Your Soaring Phoenix: Profound Tools for Spiritual Ascension with 26 Spiritual Teachers"

Your Soaring Phoenix
"Your Soaring Phoenix: Profound Tools for Spiritual Ascension with 26 Spiritual Teachers"
by Dr. Carol Francis
Book Description:

"Your Soaring Phoenix" moves the soulful, mystic, metaphysical, and spiritual beyond their current platforms. These 26 authors provide 42 spiritual tools leading the path to further your spiritual ascensions. Fly beyond perceptions of time and space. Embrace the omnipotence and omnipresence of Love. Rise above death. Energetically heal your human self and others. Face clearly the constraints of materialistic economics; transcend above such needs. Journey with your soul into domains both known and unknown. Look into death, the past, the present, the future with multiverse eyes. See beyond the borders of finitude. Embrace the human tools of scientific investigations while simultaneously springing into the beyond where you can finally spread your magnificent firebird wings – and soar. How many times in your life have you burned to ash and been reborn? Life, just before the burn, can seem harsh and difficult, a sure sign that something needs to change. Yet, the joy, life, and passion that emerge from the ashes create a longing and a burning desire for more. "Your Soaring Phoenix" enlivens spiritual tools advancing your soul's ability to journey beyond time, space, dimensions, and death. These are embedded in "Your Soaring Phoenix:" astral projection, psychic abilities, remote viewing, shamanic journeys, medium abilities, energy work, Reiki, time travel. You learn to speak with or channel angels, guides, or lost loved ones. Travel beyond ordinary limits. Exercise your body-mind-soul as the magnificent triad you are while spiritually expanding with meditation, yoga, soul-filled eating. Practice your spiritual abilities to manifest, attract, intend while building your passionate businesses or tending to household responsibilities. As your old, unhelpful paradigms burn, so will your self-imposed boundaries. The burn releases light, and light begets new ideas. Like the Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes and soar. The law of attraction is only the beginning. You are so much more powerful and you are capable of so much more than taught before. Think, feel, experience, create, expand beyond social norms or physical restraints and know you are so capable of seeing the world through discerning, wise and nonphysical eyes. No matter where you are on your journey, whether you are ready to burn or ready to rise from the ashes, you will find something in this book to fuel the fire of your creation. You can read this book any way you choose: slowly, cover to cover, savoring, learning, and expanding your own possibilities with each chapter. Or, you may pick and choose what seems interesting at the time. You may use it as a reference when your spirit is asking you, “What’s next?” If you have questions or just crave more information you will find that the contributing 26 authors are accessible and willing to mentor this leg of your adventure. Find those places within that are ready to burn and be reborn. Close your eyes and open the book to see where spirit leads you. Your Soaring Phoenix is ready for some adventure! Spiritual teachers include best selling authors such as Cynthia Sue Larson, Raven Keyes, Michael Ortiz Hill, Dr. Marjorie Miles, Dr. Shelley Stockwell, Belinda Farrell, Dr. Andrew Cort, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Mary O'Maley, Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera, Dr. Carolyn White, Michael Lightweaver, Donald Saunders, Barbara Schiffman, Edie Summers, Dennie Gooding, Jane Sibbett, Dr. Carol Francis, Briget Esselmont and more. Expand your limits beyond physical perspectives and absorb the scientific research behind each spiritual tool shared by these spiritual leaders too. Cellular, subatomic, supramolecular, neurological, and biological sciences are evidencing these truths. Quantum Physics is extending us beyond time and space. Cosmology and Mathematics provide the trajectory to the beyond. Science and spiritual begin to converge, ascension magick begins It is your time to be "Your Soaring Phoenix." Dr. Carol Francis

About Dr. Carol Francis:

About Dr. Carol Francis In addition to her spiritual counseling and intuitive work with metaphysically inclined seekers, Dr. Carol Francis has practiced for 37 years as a Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Marriage, Family & Child Counselor. She assists individuals, couples and children who seek to optimize their current situation and overcome complications of daily living. These individuals seek deep relief and growth for depression, anxiety, stress, career moves, family discord, child and parenting issues, relationship dissatisfaction, habit control, and the psychology of financial success. Practicing and licensed in Southern California for over 37 years, Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at or 310-543-1824. Publications by Dr. Carol Francis Study Skills for Successful High School and College Students Helping Children with Divorce. Manhattan Beach: Child Focus Co. Schizoid Anxiety Helping Children with Natural and Manmade Disasters “Horrific Parental Imaginings” “Therapist’s Countertransference with Abuse Couples” KISS Method for Stop Smoking and KISS Cigarettes Goodbye If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogue with 21st Century Women. Spiritual Paths, Spiritual Gurus: Your Choice Astral Projection and Spiritual Journeys Your Akashic Records Dr. Francis has contributed since 1977 to numerous newspapers and magazines, chapters in professional psychology anthologies, and blogs on family issues, personal development, and problem-solving concerns. Media Productions of Dr. Carol Francis Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio has been active since 2008 with hundreds of thousands of listeners across the internet planet. Archived programs are available at and Dr. Carol Francis has interviewed internationally on KABC, KLOS, KROQ, and Associated Radio Programs as well. Her Spiritual Readings Radio Show is live and archived at For even more helpful information, Dr. Carol Francis Videos, Lectures, Dr. Carol Francis Television Shows and Presentations are archived at Carol Francis or Carol Francis

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