Dr. Adel Heidarinejad PhD

Life Coach
Adel Heidarinejad

I am pediatrician & homeopath graduated from Tehran University of medical sciences.

After years of successful medical practice as a pediatrician and having more than 20,000 hours of continuous experience in homeopathic medicine and software programming, now I put my all focus on treating pediatric cancer by homeopathy in Iran and during the next 5 years, I have decided to focus on homeopathic treatment of such incurable diseases for the children of whole world.

Regards my skill in software programming, I have managed to design a package that can revolutionize the diagnosis of complicated children diseases only by few clicks.

In 2010, I programmed a national project for my country that could save the lives of millions of Iranians against the complications of influenza.

I want to change the world to a better place to children life.

My goal: I want to travel around the world with my family and share my knowledge with the rest of the potential people therefore all over the world places I have decided to run seminars for the above topic as speaker.

Books Adel has Published

Wonderful Life

If you tried to use the law of attraction but do not succeed my suggestion to you is always carry this file with yourself to remind what you should to do. By implementing the booster I guarantee you'd soon realize the impact the law of attraction in your life. Human beings live in different frequency circuits, i.e. those whose wavelength is similar thoughts are attracted to same life .Successful People are also attracted together; criminals are also attracted to each other. To select a good frequency