Mrs. Andrea Harkins

Andrea Harkins

Andrea Harkins, also known as The Martial Arts Woman, is a martial artist, instructor, motivator, blogger, speaker, published author, and life coach. She strives to share her martial art vision and positivity through black belt concepts and life lessons, as an outreach to others. Andrea began writing her blog,, several years ago, which is a popular and candid account of martial arts and life. Her life coaching and motivational speaking information is available at Andrea eventually became recognized for her writing and was invited to be a columnist for such prestigious magazines as Think Positive Magazine, MASUCCESS, The World Martial Arts Magazine, Conflict Manager, Martial Art Guardian (UK), Martial Arts Illustrated (UK), Martial Arts Business (Australia), as well as the newspaper, The Parrish Village News. She has been interviewed by the Sarge Approved Podcast, Martial Arts Nation Podcast, Martial Thoughts, Warrior Radio, Warriorcast, The Dynamic Dojo Radio Show, Modern Combat Masters Radio Show, Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, Sisters in Harmony, Life is a Marathon, and Isshinryu Today. In 2015 she was touted as a rising star by the World Martial Arts Magazine, and featured in Martial Arts Illustrated UK in 2016. In late 2016, she was on the cover of the World Martial Arts Magazine in recognition for her positivity through martial arts mission. She was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in July, 2017, as well as a martial art ambassador in Canada in 2017. Andrea’s positivity, martial art experiences, and writing have captured the attention of thousands of friends, fans, and followers, who are motivated and inspired by her succinct and poignant views on martial arts and life.

The Martial Arts Woman