Rev. Angie D Anjou Spiritual Consultant

Angie D Anjou

I am a Spiritual Consultant who has been in practice for over 30 years. I offer a range of services to benefit the balance of mind, body, and spirit.
~ I am a Psychic Medium
Offering spiritual guidance utilizing the Enchanted Tarot, Angel Oracles, as well as direct spirit communication.
My sessions focus on what messages are necessary at this time for proper guidance of any issues that may be surrounding you in your earthly life path or reflection on how to get unstuck from situations or feeling you may be experiencing. I work with spirit to guide you to be able to enable yourself to get the most out of your daily journey utilizing positive energy. Available in person or on the phone.
~ I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Offering private sessions and classes to help an individual gain a balance in the energy fields that surround them in order to achieve a more positive flow of energy for improving health and happiness.
~ I am a Shambhalla Master.
Working with an individual's oneness energy to help create harmony in the Universal Flow of Love and Compassion.
~ I am a Hypnotherapist
Offering insights into Past-Life and Akashic Record Information. Utilizing Self-Hypnosis techniques to allow one to journey into a past life experience or review the Akashic Records. Benefiting the establishment of discovering purpose and resolution and release of guilt and frustrations.
I am a Meditation Coach
Over 40 years experience in helping individuals understand and implement the use of meditation in their daily lives for stress and anxiety relief. Available for private or group sessions.
~ I am a Numerologist
I have been studying and utilizing Numerology for over 20 years. Offering basic to complex Numerology Reports to help one establish and maintain a flow with the dates places names and other numerological aspects that surround them.
My services are available throughout the United States via personal visit, office visit, or phone and skype. 603 321-4818

Angie D'Anjou, Spiritual Consultant Psychic Medium

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