Mr. Anthony Parnell M.S.W.

Anthony Parnell

I'm a Master Level Social Worker (M.S.W.) and trained mental health therapist who has transitioned from the mental health and social services field to being a Life Coach and Business Coach. My primary focus as a coach is on helping individuals accomplish their personal and professional goals while maintaining a holistic vision of success. That is, success is not one-dimensional. It encompasses 7 Key Areas of Life Balance (Healthy Mind; Healthy Body; Healthy Spirit; Healthy Finances; Healthy Relationships; Healthy Career/Profession; A Clear Sense of Life Purpose). As a Business Coach, I have expertise in working with start-ups and helping established companies increase revenue, profitability and efficiency.

I'm the author of several published books including "I AM....Success: A Roadmap for Defining and Fulfilling a Life Vision of Holistic Success"

Coaching by Anthony Parnell
Books Anthony has Published

I AM….Success

A Roadmap for Defining and Fulfilling a Life Vision of Holistic Success

"I AM...Success" is a book that challenges the reader to pursue a holistic vision of success that is not one-dimensional. Instead, a holistic definition of success is presented that encompasses "7 Core Areas of Life Balance" (financially, spiritually, physically, and so on). The reader is then encouraged to outline clear goals in each of the “Seven Core Areas” of Life Balance your life as well as to write out clear action steps for pursuing each of their personal and professional goals.