Ms. Catherine C Dixon BA

Cognitive Behavioral
Catherine Dixon

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: National Hypnotherapy Council

Certification: CPD

Certification Year: 2007

Institution: Quest Institute

Graduated: 2007

In practice since: 2007

I help my clients achieve optimum wellness, empowered relationships and quality of life. I have an empathetic, open minded, focused results oriented approach to my work. In additional have worked as an executive coach, in leadership and engagement events for the UK Government and NHS (over 50 events since 2012) I am well placed to work with pressurised business professionals and people ready to "upgrade" their life. I am qualified and accredited in physical therapy (shiatsu, acupuncture) mindful movement (chi kung) and mental wellbeing (mindfulness, cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT and EFT).