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Cindy Martindale

After more than two decades in the Senior Care industry -- helping my own parents as their primary caregiver, working as a director of senior housing communities, and specializing in elder law while in law school -- I figured out my true passion: helping seniors and their family caregivers find joy during their quickly diminishing time together.

You ask, how? Even, why? Let me explain. First of all, Joy is different for each person -- a continuum of sorts. It ranges from satisfaction to smiles, to laughter, to everlasting peace of mind and everything in between. Ask any caregiver of family members with declining health, which moment of positive emotion do you want? They'll take any one on the scale . . . their days are so stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating that they'll take any one they can. And be glad for it.

How and why? I've been through the woods they're in right now, and I know the way through it. Not the one-and-only way they MUST go but the choices they'll face along the way, the markers we all face and have to make decisions. There are better ways to travel than others, but it's ultimately all about choices and letting go. It's not the caregivers' journey (their time will come, hopefully, many years from now), but it is their time to facilitate what their loved one can no longer accomplish alone. Responsibility and loosening the reigns can co-exist.

I help caregivers have better days with their aging family members by sharing solutions, possibilities, choices. I'm a content copywriter, author, and soon to be blogger at my own site, Look for news before long that we're up and running, with a page also on Facebook. In the meantime, there'll be posts on, where I'd love to get your thoughts and comments.

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Books Cindy has Published

Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care

Do you have an aging senior in your life struggling with everyday activities? Are you wondering how to start helping them? Are you afraid of the awkward conversations you'll need to have along the way? With 20 years of senior care experience, Cynthia Neher Martindale shows you the best way to give your loved ones the care they've earned. As an eldercare specialist and a director for senior living communities, as well as the primary caregiver for her parents in their declining years, Martindale has