Mr. David Cockrell LMT, CMT

Life Coach
David Cockrell

Credentials: Certification

Institution: Coaches Training Institute

Certification: Life Coach

Certification Year: 2001

Institution: Thai Massage

Graduated: 2015

In practice since: 1996

It started with a need to relieve stress. Back in 1995 I was aimless in life, settling for a regular job in a regular company. Someone recognized my high stress level and recommended I get a massage, take a Tai Chi class and do some yoga. I sought a Tai Chi class, which was being held in a massage school. I started taking classes there and now, 22 years later, have changed my life. No more work stress. I had wanted to be in the healthcare field yet the Western model of care didn't make sense to me. Once I found Eastern modalities, I realized I could be of service through stress reduction and prevention. It has been an extremely rewarding calling for me. Little did I know that I could be of service through therapeutic touch. I have been honored to work with clients from simple stress-related neck and shoulder issues to working with clients at many stages of cancer, HIV, diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraines, and injuries.

Areas of Specialty

Chronic Pain

Life Coaching

Treatment Methods



Energy Work

Life Coaching

Massage Therapy