Ms. Deborah O'Brien CHC, HAPM

Life Coach
Deborah O'Brien

Credentials: Certification

Institution: International Center for Reiki Training

Certification: Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki

Certification Year: 2010

Institution: The American Institute for Holistic Health and Wellness

Graduated: 2013

In practice since: 2013

I have been a mother to 4 amazing and beautifully talented women and now am a Nana to 5 lovely grandchildren. I am an energy practitioner and teacher who uses Reiki, The Emotion Code, and the Body Code systems to promote health and quality of life. I am a certified holistic health coach who guides people to identify right foods and practices for their unique lifestyle and tastes for optimal enjoyment of health and life. I have been working with Usui Reiki and teaching classes for all levels honoring all lineages for over 20 years. I recently learned a new type of Reiki called Holy Fire which is even more amazing! I am a board certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master who helps people to retrain their thought processes to positive thinking to empower creating more of their desired outcomes in life.

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