Ms. Guillermina Galvan MSOM, Ac, DD

Health & Healing
Guillermina Galvan

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: Samra

Certification: Masters in Oriental Medicine

Certification Year: 2010

Institution: SAMRA

Graduated: 2010

Guillermina Galvan comes from a small fishing town in Baja California-Bahia de los Angeles. She is an herbalist, energy healer, acupuncturist, psychic, artist, published author, ordained minister and teacher of: Meditation, Sundo and Tai Chi. Trained by Taoist Masters, Shamans, Psychics and Medicine Elders worldwide.

Guillermina owns and operates her private practice Guillermina's initially established in Ensenada, Baja California in 2006. She gives herbal and nutritional consultations worldwide, coming up with a variety of Master herbal formulas for numerous ailments. Guillermina has been giving healing meditations both remotely and in person throughout the world for over 20 years. She holds: Healing Meditation, Sundo, Tai Chi and Yoga retreats annually. Guillermina’s passion in healing is in: fertility (men & women’s health), neurology (paralysis, quadriplegics, neuroregeneration), spiritual healing (esoteric, cleansing, transformational), improving immune system and palliative care (tumors, AIDS, terminal diseases, end-of-life). Currently she travels primarily throughout California and Baja California to treat patients and teach classes.

Guillermina always feels blessed and honored to have patients and students throughout the world. She has fasted for periods up to 45 days and with that in mind she refrains from processed foods, refined sugar and matching socks. Nothing brings her great joy than: dancing with her Mom, surfing, spending time with family, reading a well-written supernatural love book and snuggling her two amazing dogs.

The quote she lives by is “When we become love, we are enlightened” [BDK].

Books Guillermina has Published

Guillermina’s Meditation

Guillermina’s Meditation offers a beginners guide to meditation from an Eastern perspective. Along with a brief understanding of how to know which areas of the body and spirit need addressing when distractions present themselves. This book goes over tips on how to eat to improve one's: meditation, heightening awareness, dreams and overall well-being. Also providing you with an introduction to dream interpretation and understanding how to help rid oneself of evil qi through meditation. Throughout