Mrs. Irina Baechle LCSW

Irina Baechle

I am a licensed relationship therapist and I am passionate about helping millennial couples and adults get unstuck in love and life. If these statements describe you, I can help:

-You hate uncertainty and are constantly worried that something bad is about to happen
-You doubt every thought and action you take
-You numb yourself with food, alcohol/drugs, or social media
-You are worried about the future of your relationships
-You feel terrified by the idea that your partner may leave you and you will be left alone
-You are sick of the constant chatter in your head telling you that you are not good enough, important enough (especially to your partner), or lovable enough

What to do next:

Check out my website (bio, fees, blogs) and give a call for a free 15 min consultation. Whether we end up working together or not, I would love to be of service!

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Relationship Issues

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