Mr. Joe Torcicollo LMHC

Joe Torcicollo

Joe is a transformation specialist whose passion is helping people move beyond limitations to enjoy the best of themselves and their lives.
He believes in the concept of “happiness is better now than later” making his work brief and short-term - helping people get on with their lives sooner.
His unique style of Cognitive Therapy, guides people in a loving and fun way using spiritual, intuitive, and Neuro-Linguistic practices leveraging the mind’s own natural neuroplasticity. Papa Joe is an LMHC in NY state. He is also a certified trainer of NLP and Hypnosis and has conducted trainings here and in Europe. Papa Joe has a number of years experience in assisting people in getting to their own happiness.

Joe Torcicollo - Bear Therapy

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Treatment Methods

Addictions Counseling





Intuition Development

Life Coaching

Meditation and Guided Visualization

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Shamanic Healing