Jon Whale

Jon Whale

Director at Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd. The Loft, Unit 11, Hunthay Business Park, Axminster, EX13 5RJ, U.K,

Designer & Manufacturer of Electronic Diagnostic, Electronic Gem Therapy® equipment for effective treatment & management of a broad spectrum of disease and injuries. Author of numerous published books, articles and document.

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Published author of two acclaimed books entitled:

1) The Catalyst of Power -The Assemblage Point of Man.

2) Naked Spirit - The Supernatural Odyssey. ( Subtitled: The Physical, Psychological, Emotion & Spiritual Maps For Health & Disease)

Accomplished originator of Electronic Gem Therapy and the first to research and development of the human Assemblage Point diagnostic and correction procedures for various health problems and diseases.

Although my books have been translated into several languages and are also published in the USA, despite them selling hundreds of thousands of copies over the years, only DragonRising in the UK have paid any royalties.

Therefore, anyone that emails me with propriety, I send them the free download links to the above books as Full Colour PDF formats. It is better under these circumstances to provide this important information for free so as to try to help the deteriorating human condition in these times.

My work is represented on numerous third party web sites that have been subsequently taken from my publication and web page:

Electronic Gem Therapy Ltd.
The Loft, Unit 11
Hunthay Business Park
Axminster, ---
EX13 5RJ
Books Jon has Published

The Catalyst Of Power

The Assemblage Point Of Man

The Assemblage Point Of Man - Discover how shock, stress, illness, disease, trauma, violence, rape, bullying, drugs, divorce, bereavement, toxins, pollution, legal intimidation, financial divestment, All these and many other life situations today can and do shift the Assemblage Point to detrimental locations and cause serious illness and life threatening disease. Learn the different Assemblage Point Locations associated with various physical and psychological diseases and how the endocrine system