Dr. Kathryn Collins MD, FACEP

Kathryn Collins

I was an ER doctor for 30 years, before learning and understanding enough about health, and the real prevention of disease, to transition into my current career as an author, educator, and lifestyle medicine practitioner. I was trained and certified as a diet and lifestyle practitioner by the Wellness Forum Institute in 2008 and belong to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. My mission is to inspire people to want better health, then help them access the information, resources, and motivation to get there.

I’m a graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine and was trained in emergency medicine at Denver Health Medical Center, becoming board certified in 1986. I’m a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and was selected by the Consumers’ Research Council of America for inclusion in the “Guide to America’s Top Emergency Medicine Physicians” in 2009. I’ve served as a medical volunteer in several developing countries over many years. All the while, I have slowly but steadily nurtured a lifelong passion for prevention, wellness, and health. In 1983, I co-authored the book, The Outdoor Woman’s Guide to Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. After enjoying a long and successful career in emergency medicine, and continuing to live a full life as an outdoor athlete, healthy lifestyle activist, and an ongoing student of health, I wrote my second book, How Healthy Is Your Doctor? What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Health Could Be Hazardous to Yours, published in 2013 and available on amazon.com.

I’m currently developing an online course based on the material in my book, and writing my next book in the How Healthy series, How Healthy Are You?

At this exact point in time, I’m also realizing the importance of engagement, in the process of sharing my passion, my message and my expertise; so I’m re-committing to my website/blog (which have languished from inactivity for far too long), and am going to figure out how to converse on, and to contribute to the communities on, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m one of those Baby Boomers who thought that if I just ignored all that social media stuff, it would eventually “go away...” and then I started to understand how really great, helpful, and connecting those kinds of platforms are. Better late than never, right?!

So here I am, filling out a bio for the mindbodynetwork, hoping to eventually become a relevant and valued part of many conversations and learnings to come.