Rev. Kevin T Coughlin

Kevin  Coughlin

Credentials: Diploma/Degree

Institution: DCU, DIT Seminary, Norwalk Community College, Middlesex Community College, State of PA

Certification: Ph.D., Bachelor's Christian Counseling Master's Christian Counseling Board Certified Christian Counselor, CIP

Certification Year: 2014

Institution: 2014

Graduated: 2014

In practice since: 1997

Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. is a Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Poet, he has published over thirty books to date, thousands of articles, and hundreds of poems. His main focus is on Addiction Recovery, Prevention, Awareness, and Education, Professional Coaching, and Poetry. Considered as an expert on addiction, Rev. Dr. Coughlin is a Speaker, Consultant, Writer and Ghostwriter, CIP Interventionist, International Master Addiction Coach, Life Coach, Christian Coach, Trainer, Christian therapist and Pastoral Counselor. He is Board certified in Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Grief, Developmental, and Family. He served as the Director of a Nonprofit Residential Recovery Facility in The Poconos for two decades.
He is the CEO and President of Phase II Christian Coaching, LLC, a coaching, and publishing company. He has a blog at and guest blogs for many addiction recovery blogs and websites including: The Sober World Magazine, Keys to Recovery Newspaper, In Recovery Magazine, Two Drops of Ink Literary Blog, Online Journal,, small press, newspapers, magazines, websites, also seen on major media networks of NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. He is a member of The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. Rev. Coughlin was the Editor in Chief for Joel's House Publications from 1997 to 2005 and Addicted Minds and Associates in 2015 and 2016.
He is a two-time World Champion and nine-time National Champion State & National Record Holder Power Lifter, a gentle giant who has championed many in his career. Most call him Rev Kev, they enjoy his lectures and workshops on addiction, recovery, and life. Dr. Coughlin has trained many recovery professionals that have interned at the Ministry and students at The Coaching Academy; he is considered an expert on addiction and recovery. Many have utilized him as a consultant. Coughlin is a member in good standing of the A.A.C.C., The American Association of Christian Counselors, The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, and The National Council on Problem Gambling, NAADAC, USAPL, and IAM Minister's Fellowship, and The International Christian Coach's Network.
He continued to further his education with The Light University, NAADAC and the Christian Coach's Network taking several courses and webinars. The Reverend has been awarded ' a Doctorate and Diplomatic' status: Degrees in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate in Divinity, a Degree in Life Coaching, in Domestic Violence Christian Advocacy, and earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Psychology. He also has a BS and an MS in Christian Counseling. He is a licensed Domestic Violence Christian Advocate, a licensed clinical Christian counselor, an AACT-DCU Associate Professor. He also is the Northeastern Vice President of the Administrative School Board.

Rev. Coughlin is a former President of the Board of Directors for DIT Seminary in Miami, Fla. Dr. Coughlin was approved as Provincial Superintendent this fall and will be sworn in as a Bishop in the spring of 2018 by the Evangelical Christian Church. information that Dr. Coughlin possesses that sits atop of his incredible resume is wisdom.
For any type of help with addictions or recovery, such as Interventions, Professional Recovery Coaching, Family Recovery Coaching, Sober Escort, Life Coaching, Speaking or Consultant, Content Writing, Relapse Prevention, Case Management, Christian Coaching, Anger Management, Addiction Prevention, Writing Services and much more, you can go to his website at and leave a message by email.
To purchase Dr. Coughlin’s books, you can go to at or look him up on Barnes and Nobles book site or His book, Addictions; What All Parents Need to Survive the Drug Epidemic was just Nominated for an International Publishers Book Award in 2017. Mostly all of Rev. Dr. Coughlin's books have been on's Top 100 Best-Seller List, including a #1 Best-Seller!

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Alcohol Abuse

Anger Management


Career Counseling

Chronic Relapse



Coping Skills


Domestic Violence

Drug Abuse

Eating Disorders

Family Conflict



Internet Addiction

Life Coaching



Peer Relationships

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Life Coaching

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Books Kevin has Published


What All Parents Need to Survive the Drug Epidemic

Best-Selling Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. has worked in the recovery field for over two decades; he shares his wisdom, knowledge, and experience with you in all of the crucial chapters of this book. He has already impacted thousands of families and individuals in his career, don’t miss out on this answer to the drug epidemic