Ms. Kristin Brenkus CTA Certified Coach

Kristin  Brenkus

I am a Women's Empowerment Coach. My passion and purpose in this life is to support women in going after the life of their dreams. I have found that the only difference between women who are overwhelmed, stuck, bored and unfulfilled and women that are living juicy, inspiring, abundant, joyful lives; is that the women who are living abundant lives are tapped into and expressing their feminine power! I know this with every cell of my being. I know this because I was previously dis-empowered. I have been fortunate enough to survive sexual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse. I say fortunately because I have the opportunity to show other women that it is not only probable but it's possible to come out the other side and live the life of their dreams. When I stopped playing the victim of my life and became the victor of it everything turned around for me. I realized that when I gave my power away, I blocked myself from stepping into my purpose. I was not in alignment with what I was here for! It robbed me of the joy and abundance that was available to me in ALL areas of my life. STOP giving your power away to a relationship that doesn't light you up, a job that isn't fulfilling, friends that don't support you, or binging on food or tv! There is no reason why you can't live where you want and create the life your soul desires. I have done it and now I am determined to help as many women as I can do the very same. Allow me to take what I have learned from my own journey, from dis-empowerment to living the life of my dreams; and what I have learned from working with hundreds of individuals to support you! YOU ARE WORTHY of having everything and anything you desire because God does not give us the ability to conceive something that isn’t possible.