L.E. Saba BFA, R.H.N., BHC

L.E. Saba

Hey there, L.E. Here!

I help you, leaders in the health & wellness space communicate with your audience in an inspiring, educational, and authoritative way.

Why? So you can grow your business, expand your sphere of influence, and accelerate the change you're making in the world.

I write and strategize for health & wellness coaches because I AM a health coach, a registered holistic nutritionist, and an environmental health specialist with extensive training and a deep understanding of the issues your business addresses and your audience is hungry for.

Good writing gets your audience's attention and gets them to fall in love with you through fact-filled, attention-grabbing, and share worthy content.

Look, no one said building a business would be easy. It's really hard claiming that top spot and becoming the trusted voice in your field. It's also really hard to handle the volume of content needed to create a profitable business as you're working your way up in your field.

If you're not a writer why bang your head against the wall every day trying to pound something out of your laptop?

Why let yourself break into a cold, clammy sweat every time you think of writing? (I'll bet you started hyperventilating just reading the last sentence!)

You've got the ideas (or maybe you don't) and need help organizing them and planning your projects. Writing and producing content strategically is what will eliminate the stress and frustration.

And if you are producing content, are you writing just for the sake of writing without a strategic plan in mind?

No worries - I've got you covered.

A strategic plan for your content is what will eliminate stress and frustration.

You do the income-generating tasks, I handle content strategy and copy.

Easy, Peasy, Simple!

Embrace your passion and do what you love to do. I'll get to take care of the words and help you reach out to your audience.

L.E. Saba - Strategy and Content Creation for Health & Wellness Practitioners