Dr. Mette Mouritsen

Mette  Mouritsen

I am a medical doctor Specialist in General Medicine, Certified Psychotherapist, Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Author.
I have been working as a doctor for 28 years including 14 years as a general practitioner in my own clinic, everyday meeting people with symptoms and diseases and existential problems that I couldn’t really explain the occurrence of. In 2006, I was stressed and began to practice Mindfulness and started a four-year study in integral psychotherapy. During this process I experienced a spiritual awakening which brought me on a long "journey". All together it brought great insights and many valuable tools. I began to facilitate groups with my patients in late afternoon, people with different ages gender and illnesses mental as well as physical. The changes and self-healing processes that occurred in this group of people was the final reason for changing job position, in order to work in a way thet provided time and opportunities for this.
Now I work with people with physical and psychological symptoms of any kind individually and in groups. Stress may open doors to discover the interconnectedness of body and consciousness and brings awareness of the causes that triggers the stress response. I use my knowledge as a physician, psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor to integrate the experience of the interconnectedness between body mind and consciousness.
Besides this I give speeches on my holistic approach to diseases and illustrates the interconnectedness of body mind and consciousness functionally.

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