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Michelle Lynette

Welcome to my profile page.

I'm Michelle, a qualified Personal Development Coach. I also run a website called http://www.everythinggood.co.uk, the aim being to help others find all that is good within their own lives.

I have a deep interest in health and wellbeing and I've realised that whatever is not right in your life, ultimately has an affect on your wellbeing. I'm here to help you find what is right for you.

I started my career as a Software Developer, building large systems for multinationals but after many years in that industry I realised by core strength was 'people'. I loved leading teams, helping people grow to become the best they could be. Also, helping them stay that way.

This led me onto my next journey of becoming a qualified Personal Development Coach. I have now coached hundreds of people in various aspects of their life, whether it's introducing more exercise into their daily routine, changing the way they eat, coping with stress, even starting their own 'heart centred' business. Sometimes it's relationships, sometimes it may be that the person wants to change direction in life.
Often one goal leads to another which I find truly exciting because we don't realise what we're capable of until we break it down and structure it into 'workable' actions.

My ethos is very much around 'what you imagine your life to be in 5 or 10 years time?'. When you're sitting in your rocking chair later on in life, will you look back and feel you have achieved that? Personal Development coaching has been extremely successful in helping people achieve their dreams/goals and that's what spurs me on to continue this important work.

If you or anyone you know of, is feeling unmotivated, searching for inspiration to live a healthier life OR maybe wanting to lose weight. Do they find themselves trying to achieve this goal, year in and year out but never get anywhere. It always comes back to the same point!
If so, come on over to http://everythinggood.co.uk/personal-development-coaching/ where you can read about the work I do.

Wishing you great health,

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