Dr. Richard Driscoll Ph.D.

Richard  Driscoll

Credentials: License

Institution: U. of Colorado

Certification: Ph.D.

Certification Year: 1974

Institution: U. of Colorado at Boulder

Graduated: 1972

In practice since: 1974

Life is difficult, as we all know, and sometimes painful, so I try to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible. I am an active therapist, and we work together to identify problems and find solutions. Most clients leave feeling more hopeful than when they arrived. I have written several books on marriage and relationships, and I explain my approach and why it produces respectable benefits. You are welcome to ask me any questions you wish, and I recognize that you are evaluating me as much as the other way around. Issues are generally resolved within two to six sessions
I specialize in relationships, and help you communicate better, manage anger, resolve conflicts, and consider your future together. I maintain a safe environment, so you can each express your concerns but not feel you are being attacked. I see both parties together and also individually.
I focus on the present more than the past, and help you go forward. I provide written notes on the main points we cover, so that you can remember the suggestions we found helpful. I try to maintain a balance, so that both men and women feel understood.

I am also a writer, specializing in the complexities of men, women, and relationships. My most recent book is "Would you meet me halfway?" with wife Dr. Nancy Ann Davis.

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Books Richard has Published

Psychotherapy In Ordinary Language

A movement toward integration was well underway in the 1980's but now, a generation later, we still need a sensible way to organize our multiple approaches to therapeutic practice. My aim here is to show how we can see farther and communicate more clearly with some assistance from ordinary language and a liberal smattering of common sense. "... there is so much common sense in this book that it borders on wisdom" -- Gerard Egan, Ph.D., Loyola University, SEPI review of 1st printing Beginning with

Would You Meet Me Halfway?

Would You Meet Me Halfway? (Revised edition) Would You Meet Me Halfway? shines a flashlight on the power struggles between men and women. Enjoy this clearly written presentation of the cleverly camouflaged combat tactics between men and women. The authors are masters of understanding our misunderstandings, and show you how to navigate through these confusing . Much of it will surprise you. While we usually think of men as being strong and stoic, indications are that men are more seriously stressed