Shari Mitteco

Shari Mitteco

Shari Mitteco is on a mission to empower women to build their self-confidence and self-worth through wellness. It’s been her experience that by connecting and educating women, they not only build strong bonds with one another but become confident in their own power and are able to be who they are meant to be and live their lives with joy.

Shari’s journey for wellness began at the early age of 12 with her own struggle with yo-yo dieting. To combat this issue, she began exercising and realized how having a strong body gave her confidence and saw how it transferred into improving the other areas of her life.

She became a certified personal trainer in 2001 to guide others on this path of a strong body, better life. She opened The Your Fabulous Body studio in 2008 to provide her clients with a beautiful, private setting for their fitness programs. Shari is also a certified life coach and created her own transformation program “Diet Terminator” the system she used to pull herself out of her on again, off again diet cycle that she now coaches others through.

Shari acquired Women, Wine, and Wellness in 2011. She knew it would be the perfect platform to broaden her approach to helping women become empowered in wellness and build their confidence. She loves the inspiration of the speakers and the supportive nature of the women who participate in the events. The foundation of the group is a strong one because of the network of women seeking wellness knowledge and support is ever growing.

Shari’s goal to build a supportive, wellness network that educates women throughout the world empowering them to make choices about their own wellness so they can live happy, healthy, and live their lives with zest!

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