Mr. Steven Grogan

Steven Grogan

Martial artist, exercise nut, nutrition novice. Yes, I think this describes me. My name is Steve Grogan, and I may be here on MBN, but I am more like you than you think. I call myself "the Mid-Level Guru," in that I know more than the average person on the street about the topics I discuss, but I'm not considered a "master" or anything like that. However, I AM an innovative thinker. I come up with creative approaches to the challenges faced by someone with a crazy schedule (father of four, boyfriend, stepdad to two, work 3 jobs, etc.) who still wants to engage in activities like martial arts training, working out, writing, and oh yeah...eating right!

Do YOU have a hectic schedule, love the same things I do , but just can't ever seem to find the time to fit them in? Or maybe you have completely different passions, but are still in the same "time crunch" boat. Follow me, and I will lead you to a future where you will be able to engage in your passions...AND have time left over!

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