Mr. Titus S McMillan Ph.D., LMFT, AMP,

Titus  McMillan

Who is Titus S. McMillan?
Titus S. McMillan, PHD, DD, MA, LMFT, LPPT
Holistic Alternative Psychology Master Counselor
Certified Board Examiner American Alternative Medical Association
Alternative Medical Practitioner, Therapist, Author, Artist, Transformational Leader, Restoration Coach, Gottman Method Couples Therapy & 7 Principles of Marriage Leader
Titus S. McMillan has been trained and developed through the process of 40 years of solid research at the Gottman Institute infused with not only a psychological premise, but also 23 years of theological study, and a vast catalog of musical influences. Titus has transformed the concept of marriage and interpretation within the institution of marriage, revitalizing the life of worn relationships, helping couples to become one whole person in unity.

Titus’ approach is to accept a head-on collision of two individuals on a winding road searching for a compass to find their way home. The journey is certainly one of personal discovery and individual realities and both sides of the truth. He has authored his latest work, Healing Inside of Me, The Courage to Win Again.

The tools he uses are past, present and future potentials that have yet to be discovered, specializing in Emotional Focused Therapy with Cultural Competence and the Nurtured Heart Approach. The encounter is one you won’t soon forget. His practice spans throughout the greater New York area to include New Jersey and Philadelphia. To request him for a speaking engagement see

Books Titus has Published

Healing Inside of Me

The Courage to Win Again

The Courage to Win Again is Within You! Are you living a life of unfilled dreams? The solution to experiencing an abundant life overflowing with success, health, happiness and wealth is closer than you think. In fact, the courage to win in every area of life resides within you. Would you like to… - Redream your dreams and turn them into reality? - Shift from the losing corner to the winner’s circle? - Break through cycles of defeat and achieve greatness? - Move from a state of making excuses