Dr. Vickie Modica ND

Naturopathic Physician
Vickie Modica

Licensed: Yes

License: Washington #NT60336456

Expiration: 11/05/2017

Credentials: License

Institution: Washington State Department of Health

Institution: Bastyr University

Graduated: 2012

In practice since: 2012

I'm the owner of Modica Wellness Solutions, a concierge or membership based health consulting practice. I work with people on the entire health spectrum from preventative services to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I believe what I practice is healthcare of the future. I reject the current medical practice of "pill for ailment" while bridging the best of both conventional and Naturopathic medicines. I combine your health history, data, and a deep knowledge of physiology, blend it all together with safety and logic. With this, I am able to put together personalized treatment programs for each person using gentle and effective Naturopathic therapeutics. My favorite tools are education, data, nutrition, specialized diets, hydrotherapy, herbs, supplements, and plain old availability and support. Because I offer a concierge service I keep a small number of patients. In this way, each person gets the time they need. I pride myself on being a strong, available support system and will take on the role of coach as needed.

In terms of "naturopaths", I am of the select group of those trained as physicians in Naturopathic Medical Schools. I attended Bastyr University outside of Seattle. I have worked as a primary care physician in the past and I keep a license to practice medicine in Washington State. Please visit my website http://www.modicawellness.com or call me at 206-395-9870 for a free consultation.

Modica Wellness Solutions
Anywhere you are. Services are provided mostly via telemedicine.
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