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Article images must be 1200 by 800 Pixels in order to be accepted
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Book cover images must be 900 by 600 Pixels in order to be accepted
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videos can be hosted anyplace. IE youtube, Vimeo etc. we requite the embedded code or share link provided by the provider
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Guidelines for Submitting Articles:

These guidelines are to explain what we accept and what we cannot accept in our article database. If you have any questions related to these guidelines, please contact Mind Body Network customer service. Help@mindbodynetwork.com

Guidelines for Article Content:

• Articles must be original articles written by you. If you are submitting the article for someone else, you must include the original authors name and contact information with a statement from the author giving you permission to submit their article to MBN.

• If you hired a ghost writer you must include the exclusive license agreement that allows only your name to be associated with the article you are submitting to MBN

• All articles must include information unique to your expertise, including your personal teaching strategies, your personal health and wellness techniques, your medical case-studies, your personal analysis and opinions and anything that brings value to your services for the benefit of the MBN health and wellness community.

• Articles must not be used for press releases, advertisements or to sale a product or service unauthorized by MBN. All MBN sales promotions must be approved and authorized by a MBN founder or staff member in writing.

• Articles must use proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. Your article must be proofread and double checked for accuracy in its entirety before submitting it to MBN or it will be rejected. If your article is rejected three times, we cannot accept future articles from you because of the time it takes to review each article by our editors. If your articles are consistently correct over a period of six months you will be giving a special code to use that will enable you to submit your articles at a faster rate than without the code.

• Articles cannot contain pornography, hate speech, violence, racial insults, profanity, web hacking techniques, religious insults or promote drug and alcohol use. 

• If your article is related to CBD and a product sale you must submit a letter stating the entire ingredients and health benefits of the product and sign a hold harmless agreement with MBN.

• Articles cannot contain any content that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory to any business, person, or entity, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

• The same article cannot be submitted twice. The same article cannot contain minor word changes to make it appear as a new article to get submitted a second time. We will reject an exact copy or close likeness and ban any author who submits articles in this manner.

• Using article bolding is limited to headings and subheadings only.

• Articles submitted free are limited to five per registered member

Author Name Guidelines:

• All articles must include your full legal first and last name

• We do not accept initials as a first or last name

• We do not accept company business names, email addresses, web address or nicknames as an author name. If you are a writer submitting articles or books under a fictitious writers name you must disclose your real legal first and last name to MBN to keep on our files for any legal issues that may occur with one of your submitted articles.

• You may add all professional designations and doctoral certification titles before and after your name. MBN reserves the right to request proof of any certification titles upon request at any time to maintain the integrity of our site. Anyone who does not provide proof upon request will be removed from the MBN site and all articles and material submitted will also be removed from MBN until proof is provided by the article writer to MBN.

MBN is not responsible for any loss of written material, images, articles, graphics, videos, podcast, webinars, or other material submissions due to system errors or web browser technical issues that are out of our control. For this reason, we ask that all members keep copies and backup files of all submitted files to MBN.

Article Title Guidelines:

• Title must be in upper and lower-case letters with the first letter of each major word capitalized. 

• We will not accept a title in all caps. 

• We do not accept quotes around your entire title. 

• Do not submit Microsoft word smart quotes in your title. 

• Do not use excessive punctuation in your title.

• We do not allow html tags in your title. 

• We do not allow your author’s name in your title UNLESS the title is a registered trademark that includes your name.
We do not allow hyperlinks in your title 

• Your title must not be keyword loaded titles.

• We do not accept articles that do not give the reader beneficial health and wellness information that adds value to their lives. 

Article Body Guidelines:

• Articles must be a minimum of 600 words and no more than 4000 words.

• Do not repeat your title and author name at the top of the article body. It is not necessary to repeat a second time in the first paragraph.

• Copyrights stamps must be at the bottom of your articles, not at the top.

• If you include a reprint article from another writer you must include the right to use statement at the bottom of your article. 

• We do not accept articles with product pitches written solely for advertisements

• Your article must be single spaced, must use appropriate paragraph breaks, correct formatting, grammar checked, and spell checked before submitting your request to us.

• Your article cannot contain a file that can be downloaded. Free and purchased downloadable material is a feature included in our Spotlight Member pages and can be purchased on our site.

• We do not allow any hidden or seen URLs in articles. If your website engages in questionable practices, we will reject or delete your articles immediately.

• We do not allow articles which have keyword anchor text links throughout the body of the article that direct to other domains. Special features are included on our Spotlight Member pages to promote your products and services without hiding them.

• We will not under any circumstance accept articles with links to pornography or adult-oriented sexual content. Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of children who may view our site while browsing. Anyone who attempts to use any links on our site in this manner will be ban from this site. 

• We do not allow links to websites that are under construction, websites that lead to website brokering, websites with broken links or websites that are not consistent with the mission of MBN

Article Email Guidelines: 

• We do not allow email addresses in articles. This prevents the potential risk of email spammers collecting your email addresses through our public domains to use to spam you or others or to sell your private information. We suggest that you take precautions to prevent this type of activity by including your email addresses in your email campaigns and on your personal websites.

Article Category Guidelines: 

• Please choose the best category to add your article based on your article title and not the theme of your business. Choose the category that you believe will benefit the most readers and this will help increase your author visibility on our site when writing future articles.

Affiliate Link Guidelines:

• We do not allow affiliate links in articles, but we do offer extra options to promote your products and services on our Spotlight Member pages.